FAQ — Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles


Q. Do you sell direct?

No.  We are manufacturers and supply the trade.  If you are in a country with no distributor please contact us.  If you need spares please contact us.

Q. Will these products damage Paintwork?

Not if you keep the paintwork and bases clean as per instructions.
Deposits can build up on paintwork if the vehicle is always parked under trees. Combi bases are easy to keep clean unlike powerful block magnets.  They are stored face to face. They are fitted with a non migratory film designed for vehicle paintwork. Vacuum bases will not mark paintwork, any visible outline can be washed off with soapy water.

Q.What speed can I do?

Our products are designed for made up rods. We have tested them to 125 mph for test purposes only. Travelling at high speed would damage the fine tips due to whipping. They are used from home to river or beat to beat. If properly attached they cannot be blown off in legal use.

Q. Why not use glaziers suction bases?

We began using these, in 1987, for a non critical application. We realised early on that they were designed for flat surfaces and that we needed better bases for use on moving vehicles which have curved bodywork. To improve the principle various features were incorporated to maximise the reliability of the product. Smaller is better on curvature – our first, in 1991, was 100mm dia. Grade of base material is crucial. We added extra material beyond the sealing area to add protection. We added pull tabs to ease removal.

Q. Magnetic/vacuum (Combi) or vacuum?

The Combi was designed for steel and will only work on steel. For steel we always recommend Combi. Vacuum was originally designed for non steel vehicles but became popular on all vehicles].

Q. Are the bases interchangeable?

All bases and T pieces have standard 6 mm threads.

Q.  How long will they stay secure?

This is not relevant to Combi which operates on vacuum on demand.  The vacuum models will stay secure indefinitely if the instructions are followed.  Fishermen in remote areas and professionals are known to leave them on all season.  We are aware of some leaving them attached for many years.  However they were designed to be quickly detachable, i.e. removed and placed inside the vehicle when fishing.

Q. Does the Combi lose magnetism over time?

No. They are made with anisotropic magnetic material. No Combi base has lost any magnetic strength in 13 years of production.

Q. Can I use these on a boat.

Yes – as long as there is a smooth surface. Combi on steel, vacuum on other bodies.

Q. Can you refurbish old Vac Racks?

If we have the parts we do. We can usually service and repair models up to 10 years old.  We hold spares for some models over 10 years. Contact us with a photo and we’ll do what we can to help.