About Us — Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles

About Us

Vac Rac Ltd has experience in vacuum product technology, UK design and manufacture, since 1987. Our solid reputation is based on customer service, innovation and adherence to KISS Principle engineering (see below **).  We design and manufacture original products. We supply bases to other manufacturers for a range of applications, including military. 

2011 Quad Rack                           First ultra low temperature rack
2003 Vac Mag sign base               First Vac Mag folding sign base
2001 Combi Rack                         First Vacuum-Magnetic Rack
1998 Double base Pro Racks            First Professional Range
1995 Lock Rack                             First Locking rack
1991 Standard Vac Rac                  
 First Vacuum Rod Rack, with T Bar
1987  Gliderider                            First Vacuum Bonnet/Hood Rack

** KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid
Acronym for a design principle credited to U.S.Navy aircraft engineer
Kelly Johnson  – simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

Combi   Deceptively simple but extremely powerful flexible vacuum magnetic base. Incorporates our subtle patented Vacuum On Demand principle – VOD
T bar   Designed simply to incorporate the following features:  Moulded in recess for easy cord/rod removal – this eliminates the need for cord grips. Under bar teeth gives a range of tension adjustment. Wrap round cord layout ensures movement free security. Four shock cord loops – one per rod grip to ensure separation.
Quad  The simple looking bend-adjust stainless steel connecting plate was designed to eliminate complex joints, give curvature adjustment with maximum rigidity.
Loc  We noticed fishermen, particularly professionals, liked to leave their vacuum racks attached all season. However there was a security issue with this. Solution – an added base dome with removable lever

Imitations have limitations