VACUUM MAGNETIC SIGN BASE — Vac-Rac Fishing Rod Racks for Vehicles


Super Strong Sign Holder for Steel Vehicles

These quickly detachable sign holders were designed to overcome the problems associated with traditional block magnets and vacuum suction units.  In production since 2001.

 Modern base technology 
 Attaches instantly
 Base 16 X 16cm  Height 10cm  Blade width  30cm
Soft flexible base – gentle vacuum magnetic adhesion – kind to paintwork
 The longer the base is attached the more secure it becomes –
air and water are gradually expelled
 Non migratory film protects paintwork
 Easily cleaned, unlike strong block magnets
In tests the base has lifted in excess of 150kg
Patented VOD* principle ensures base cannot slide, must be lifted off
Light weight, folds flat for ease of shipping and storage

* VODVacuum On Demand
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